quinta-feira, 31 de maio de 2007

Já estou rodeado de amigas bonitas ! !

Esta é a charmosíssima tia Moyara amiga de minha tia Cristina. ( E também de minha granma Helena , of course ) .Ela não é mesmo uma graça? E olha que atenção eu recebo ! ! Acho que vou demorar aprender a andar... Assim eu curto todos esses abraços afetuosos por mais tempo. hehehe hahaha .E mais , eu ia me esquecendo de dizer : ela fala um italiano ,...vou te contar... lascere

Great friends to work with

These are my special great friends with whom I work.
We make a good team. These people are competent and nice, this I can tell you for sure. I hope you have a chance to meet them.
Some of you may have met them already. We go to many teachers training encounters and Summer Schools together. That´s when you may have met them.

Idle hours on a beautiful sunny Sunday out in the country .
Good company is very important too on these special moments.
The leg standing out in the hammock belongs to to a fine lad. His name is PD. And he is certainly good company. My friend Lika is enjoying fresh fruit. Good for her.
This precious little one is Otávio and he is 8 months old now.
He is vivacious ,energetic and extremely handsome. He is always showing a big smile.
On this particular picture he isn´t but I WAS HOPING YOU COULD SEE HIM TRYING TO PULL MY HAIR INTO HIS MOUTH... Unfortunately the picture didn´t turn out so clear.
I will choose a better one later because I yet do not know how to erase , My teacher Ana Maria didn´t get to that lesson with me yet. ( ha ha ha he he he )
These are one of my precious ones. Otávio is 8 months and surprisingly energetic and smart. This is how his granma sees him, anyway. Otávio´s mother has revealed herself as a great mom in all senses. And she is a great daughter too. She is a rarity to have around. May God bless them .

Great Mom , great child

There two are precious ! May God Bless them always and keep them HEALTHY !
Papa is great too .He is not there now but I will show him to you on my next picture. !

quarta-feira, 30 de maio de 2007

I have a dream : I want to live in Croacia for 3 months

I met a girl on my last train trip in Italy who told me wonders about Croatia. Since then I have been constantly dreaming of visiting the country. I searched for it in the internet and I fell totally in love with the deep blue ocean, the geographic features, the hills, the islands and all wonders.
I want to put all my efforts in making this dream come true.

terça-feira, 29 de maio de 2007

beautiful day in Uberlândia- Brasil

The sun is shining and it is clear and fresh and the air is perfumed in Uberlãndia.
We are going to teach through listening,and the passages remind us of wonderful sites in paradisiac islands.

sexta-feira, 25 de maio de 2007

complicated couples


Welcome to my blog. Let´s be friends ?

HELLO. My name is Helena . I am here to help you . I love to teach. I teach English.I used to teach piano as well. I have a great interest in music too. I play the piano and I play the saxophone. These are my last current major interests. I have been dedicating myself to these two instruments whenever I have some spare time from work. I live in Uberlãndia and I love my city. I work at an English school, teaching English as a second language.