quinta-feira, 31 de maio de 2007

Great friends to work with

These are my special great friends with whom I work.
We make a good team. These people are competent and nice, this I can tell you for sure. I hope you have a chance to meet them.
Some of you may have met them already. We go to many teachers training encounters and Summer Schools together. That´s when you may have met them.

2 comentários:

Gladys Baya disse...

How nice you feel like that about your workmates, Helena! I'¡m sure now you've started blogging soon you'll have a large circle of online friends too...

Welcome to the blogging sphere!
Buenos Aires, Argentina
(online colleague of Ana Maria's)

Hala Fawzi disse...

When one feels like you, the work palce is for sure will be a place for creativity to show up!
Congratulations for your baby born blog!
Hala (Sudan)